Oxnard, CA   -   July 23, 2020  Granatelli Motorsports releases a sleek, direct fit GMS Billet Valve Cover Set with universal fitment for Hemi applications for years 2010-2020.   >>>>

With over 75 years of racing and product innovation, Granatelli Motorsports is leading the way with high quality, proven aftermarket upgrades to increase power and durability for virtually every domestic platform on the market today.

Additional features include:
Works with all factory Emissions tubes and PCV (Pollution Control Valves).

Includes factory style O-ring gasket set for coils and cylinder head mating surface.

Available in Natural finish or black anodized. Black anodized finish also offered with or without the Granatelli Logo. Each cover features a set of strengthening ribs on the underside that help to prevent the tops of the covers from getting sucked down by an overzealous vacuum pump, or pushed out by an engine making tons of boost. The ribs have the added benefit of helping to keep the top of the cylinder head from flexing under boost, which will prove to be helpful in high HP applications.The GMS Billet Cover has the effect of an upper cylinder head stud girdle to make the cylinder head more rigid.

“These are constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum and are machined from a solid block on a CNC machine. What makes them unique is that they are machined in a single-stop process. The entire cover is shaped in one single program – it never stops. If you look at the top, or the bottom, there are no pickup marks where you can see the machine stop,” explains Granatelli.

“The bottom of the cover is machined first, where the bowl of the valve cover is machined out, then the turning center flips the cover over and machines the entire top of the cover, all in one process,” Granatelli says, noting the first step of the machining process drills out the mounting holes, which are then fastened by the turning center to index all of the other machining operations. “These covers, along with the rest of our GMS Billet Valve Cover line, are designed in a computer program called Pro Engineering, or Pro E, before the files are exported to a Computer Aided Design file and loaded into the Haas CNC machine. From there, the machine cuts out each cover.”

In addition, the covers feature steel inserts in all mounting holes to reduce the chance of damage should they be overtightened, or the regular wear and tear that occurs from repeated installation and removal.