Granatelli Motor Sports’ Universal Electronic Exhaust Cutout System

If you’re at all familiar with the culture of performance automotive enthusiasts — which we know you are or else you wouldn’t be reading this — you’ve seen your fair share of exhaust cutout systems. These systems are common on streetcars in areas where emissions laws are heavily regulated, or for those who want a reasonable exhaust note when driving around town but still want to hear their engine scream on weekends at the track.

Granatelli Motor Sports (GMS) recently released their own line of universal electronic exhaust cutouts, and owner J.R Granatelli created the video above to explain the features and benefits of his cutout system, and it definitely stands out among the competition.

Benefits And Features

Granatelli’s weld-in electronic exhaust cutouts are made entirely from stainless steel and will fit virtually any vehicle with a 2.5-inch, 3-inch or 4-inch exhaust diameter. The cutout side of the system features a three-bolt cast flange, while the turndown itself is polished stainless steel and connects to the flange using a V-band clamp.

The majority of exhaust cutout kits require that the turndown be welded onto the system, making whatever angle you weld it on permanent. Granatelli’s V-band connection has the unique advantage of allowing the turndown to be continuously repositioned at whatever angle you want — so you never have to worry about ruining your exhaust system symmetry with crooked turndowns or future modifications slightly tweaking the angle of your exhaust.

All of the cutouts offered by GMS are professionally TIG welded for the strongest construction and features perfectly smooth internal pipe walls, where it’s not uncommon for other brands to have the unsightly/unprofessional look of excess welding material on the inside of the joints, which might even restrict or alter exhaust flow.

Another advantage found in the GMS cutout system is the actual design and construction of the butterfly valve. To open or close the valve on most kits the user must hold the switch in the desired position for the duration of the actuation, but the driver cannot actually see when the valve is fully opened or closed and will usually end up holding the button longer than needed. This dramatically shortens the life of the valve motor and creates play in the valve motor shaft by over-torquing the valve. Grantelli’s cutout system has the option of using a one-touch switch with ‘Smart Box Technology,’ simply bump the switch in the open or close position and the cutout motor automatically takes care of the rest.

For the rest of the electronics side, GMS prewires the entire system for you using high quality fully insulated wires and terminals. After your single or dual cutouts are welded in, simply mount your switch somewhere on the dash; connect the extension wire to the cutout terminal and route it into the cabin; connect the other end to your switch (or wire the second cutout into the second open set of terminals on the first switch if using a dual system); and then find your power and ground source.

Granatelli Motor Sports‘ line of electronic exhaust cutouts are a above and beyond what you would expect from a universal system. J.R. and his team put a lot of effort into making sure that their products standout from the competition in both quality and performance, and these cutouts are no exception.

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